Our experience in the field of water/wastewater:
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Drinking water treatment
  • Open and closed single- and two-stage multi-layer filter systems
  • Chemical dosing/storage, chlorine dioxide dosing systems and auxiliary systems
  • Pressure filter systems
  • Activated carbon filtration systems
  • Activated carbon dosing systems
  • Pump systems for discharge/distribution into the drinking water network
  • Remote monitoring and control of decentralized distribution structures and elevated tanks by means of SINAUT ST1/ST7 and Ethernet HDSL
Automation of reservoirs:
  • Programming of PLC and process control systems
  • Measurement equipment and automation of data acquisition on and in dams
  • Weir and pumping station controls for flood protection
  • Networking of distributed monitoring systems on central control technology
Municipal wastewater treatment:
  • Automation of central wastewater treatment plants with several hundred thousand population equivalents
  • Networking of distributed wastewater pumping stations with SINAUT ST1/ST7, HDSL
  • Operation diary according to ATV/M260 with PM-AQUA or ACRON
Industrial wastewater treatment:
  • Leachate treatment for landfills
  • Water treatment for contaminated water
  • Reverse osmosis for decolorization, deionate recovery

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