Automation systems

Automation with:
  • Simatic S7
  • S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-200 … S7-417H
  • decentralized periphery with and without intelligence ET200M, S, ix…, Interbus
  • SINAUT ST1 and ST7, also mixed operation
  • OP/TP/MP1xx,2xx,3xx
  • Simatic PCS7
  • Interconnected systems with AS410…417H, Fast-Ethernet coupling, Redundant multiserver systems, also fail-safe systems
  • Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet (H1, TCP/IP, ISO-…), ASI, Modbus RTU, 3964/RK512, Interbus
  • Construction of complex network systems with SCALANCE, OSM, ESM, OLM
  • Simatic S5:
  • 90U … 155U with multi-processor operation (3 CPU)
  • L1, L2, Profibus-DP, Ethernet H1
  • OP 393 … OP37/TP27, COMTEXT/Protocol
B&R MINI-/MIDI-/MULTICONTROL/2003/2005/2010/X20:
  • Certification as B&R Qualified Partner
  • Base station for APROL process control system
  • Networking via NET2000 and Mininet, Profibus, PowerLink
  • Equipped with Profibus master module for connecting X20 peripherals
IDS 640/650/850/Acos:
  • Certification as IDS system integrator
  • Use as telecontrol centre and substation
  • Equipment with telecontrol processors
  • Completion with automation processors
  • Programming in STEP5 compatible environment
  • Coupling of Siemens operator panels
  • Programming also with Codesys (ACOS)
ABB Procontic/CS31:
  • Use as PLC T200 in complex systems
  • Peripheral connection of CS31 modules via CS31 bus
  • Equipment with ZB20, RCOM and Modbus communication
  • Setup of telecontrol lines also with CS31 compact controllers and RCOM processor
  • Networking via ZB20 bus

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