Process visualization

  • PCS7 (single user/client server system, redundant)
  • Deployment of redundant server structures, also using virtualization technology
  • Migration of LSX systems to PCS7
  • Migration ABB Advant to PCS7
  • Many years of experience as PCS7 solution partner
  • APROL process control system
  • Certification as B&R Qualified Partner
  • DCS2000 with MAESTRO and MCO2/3 on OS/9 as central LT server
  • Use of redundant server structures
  • Connection of operator terminals via Arcnet
  • IDS system integrator
  • HIGH-LEIT NT as central control system with front-end computer and telecontrol centre
  • Substations via leased line and dial-up line
  • Direct coupling HIGH-LEIT NT with S7-4xx via TCP/IP

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