Energy plants and district heating networks e.g.:
eins energie EVS AG District heating network of the city of Chemnitz complete E/MSR performance with B&R Multicontrol PLS B&R DCS2000
Agratec Various biogas plants E/MSR system with S7-400/ET200S, Profibus DP, PCS PCS7
AREVA Biomass power plant Valorbois/Belgium E/MSR plant with Simatic S7-300/400, DCS WinCC V7.0
Strabag Umweltanlagen GmbH Biogas plant MBA Brest/Belarus complete E/MSR plant with PCS PCS7, Profibus DP, PLC and server redundant
Gicon Bioenergie GmbH Biogas plant Schöllnitz/Brandenburg complete E/MSR system, Simatic S7, WinCC
Strabag Umweltanlagen GmbH Biogas plant Lechfeld complete E/MSR plant with Simatic S7-400, Field level Profibus DP, DCS PCS7
Linde AG Biogas plant Lisbon (2 MW el.) complete E/MSR plant with Simatic S7-400, Field level Profibus DP, DCS PCS7
Western Isles Council Biogas plant MBA Western Isles (800 kW el.) complete E/MSR system with PCS7 Field level with Profibus DP
Wastewater e.g.:
Stadtwerke Niesky Central sewage treatment plant Niesky                     complete E/MSR system with redundant PCS7 V8.0, field level with Profibus DP
Wismut AG WBA Ronneburg complete E/MSR system with PCS7 V7.1, field level with Profibus DP
Schoeller KG Wastewater treatment Weissenborn paper mill complete E/MSR performance with Simatic S5-135, PLS COROS LS/B Win
eins energie Central sewage treatment plant Chemnitz E/MSR system with S5-155, Siemens LSX, migration to PCS7 V7.1
Pure and drinking water e.g.:
Südsachsen Wasser GmbH Burkersdorf waterworks with 12 open and 20 closed pressure filters E/MSR_plant with S7-400/Profibus DP, PCS PCS7 with reduntant multi-server system
Zweckverband Fernwasser Südsachsen Einsiedel/Chemnitz waterworks with 16 open filters E/MSR_system with S7-400/Profibus DP, PCS PCS7 with redundant server system
Landestalsperrenverwaltung Sachsen Dams and structures of LTV Saxony Conversion Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 with DCS Wonderware/Intouch
Stadtwerke Reichenbach TWA Reichenbach/new waterworks with 4 filters complete E/MSR system with S7-400 and Simatic PCS7
Process engineering in industrial plants e.g.:
Hartsteinwerke Hüttengrund Primary crusher and slit silo plant with grinding mills Automation of primary crusher and conveying system/impact mills/split loading
UNIDEK Dämmstoffe Insulation plant Burkhardtsdorf/Saxony Automation block mould/block storage and block loading
Erlenbacher Backwaren Erlenbach cake making complete E/MSR system with S5-135 and field level ASI bus
Building automation e.g.:
enviaM Building automation administration building former EVS AG E/MSR and control technology with B&R Multicontrol and DCS B&R DCS2000
eins energie Central workshop/central gas plant HKW North E/MSR system with B&R Multicontrol
etna Carlsberg Brewery Frederikja/Denmark Air conditioning high bay warehouse with PCS7 V7.0
Schoeller KG Weissenborn paper factory Air conditioning paper warehouse with Simatic S7
Research & Development e.g.:
Agratec AG/FuE Intelligent control for load optimization of biogas CHP’s Simatic S7-400 with ET200S and Profibus DP, PCS PCS7
Gicon Bioenergie GmbH/FuE/INNOWATT Biogas test facility of the BTU Brandenburg/Cottbus complete E/MSR plant with VIPA PLC and Simatic WinCC
Eurofins Jena Rottetower Niederdorla/FuE E/MSR equipment for long-term test setup rotting residues

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