Many years of experience as a solution partner for SIMATIC PCS7, NET, HMI
Certification as system partner for B&R, IDS, Wonderware/Intouch:
  • highly qualified, motivated software engineers who are constantly in the process of further training
  • in-house laboratories for software development/testing, model creation, simulation and endurance testing
  • extensive hardware and software equipment for creating and testing applications of various sizes
Experience of our software engineers with application development for:
  • S5 + S7 (also S7-1200/1500 in TIA) in all suitable programming languages
  • Build-up of many years of know-how of S5 technology (COROS-HMI, COMTEXT, Protocols, L1/L2, L2-DP, FMS, FDL, H1-TF/ISO, S5-90U-155U, SINAUT ST1, mixed operation ST1-ST7, multi-processor operation, MODBUS, MODICON, 3964R/RK512)
  • Experience in S7 technology and programming (CFC/SFC/SCL/AWL/FUP/KOP/TIA) from 1994 until today
  • Connection of diverse process technology via Profibus-FMS/DP/PA incl. SIMATIC PDM programming
  • Construction of powerful communication networks with OLM/OSM/ESM/SCALANCE/Switch with optical/electrical network transitions.
  • PROFINET with gateway solutions
  • IEC 1131
  • ABB / B&R / IDS / Sattgraph / InTouch / ACRON
  • VC++ mit MFC, VB, GlobalScript, PL2000, TP, HTML
Process control system applications such as visualization systems with references for:
  • COROS LSB, ProTool Pro, WinCC, WinCC flexibel, PCS7
  • B&R DCS2000, APROL, IDS High-Leit-P/NT, LS2/LS3, InTouch

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